Best countries for property investment

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PI03_FranceProperty investment, if done correctly has the potential to make an investor a millionaire. Even though the real-estate market fluctuates from time to time, there are several nations across the globe that have emerged as potentially lucrative regions for those looking at investment opportunities. Let’s take a look at the top 7 countries for property investment.

The US

The global recession crashed the US housing market at one point, but with the recent repossession of homes by the US banks, a whole new range of opportunities have opened up for those seeking great property investment deals. Australian investors who purchased US Property a couple of years ago (when the market had crashed) are now enjoying lucrative profits from their timely investment. Moreover with a falling Australian dollar, they are making profits through rental returns.

The most sought after properties are those located in the vicinity of Disneyland, Orlando.

The UK

As one of the strongest economies in Europe, UK is a favoured destination for numerous property investors, especially due to its wide choice of real estate opportunities. From holiday homes in the countryside to family-friendly estates in Notting Hill, London, the UK has something for every investor.


According to Forbes Magazine, Australia’s housing market is at its highest level in the country’s history. But this should not steer away property investors, as the nation’s strong and growing economy makes it a great opportunity to invest in commercial, residential, and industrial real estate. The city with the most housing opportunities? Sydney.


Japan in general, and Tokyo in particular, have gone through significant economic changes over the past years. With an increasing number of residents starting to choose renting over buying, it is a great time for those looking to invest in properties. Moreover, with rent prices on the rise, you can be rest assured that you will get a decent return on your investment.


France has a long tradition of being a hot spot for property investment. Apart from the millions of holidaymakers that own and rent houses there, Paris is a leader when it comes to investment locations. One of the most popular investment spots in the French capital is Ile St. Louis. (pictured above)


Property investors should definitely check out Mumbai, the heart of real estate development in India. Even though large sections of India have developed leaps and bounds over the past few years, Mumbai has grown into a leading business and urban centre. Some of the most important hotspots in include Mumbai’s harbour and the west coast of the Arabian Sea.


The nation-city is one of the strongest economies in Asia and its high level of stability makes it a good choice for those looking for property investment opportunities. As a rapidly expanding business centre, entrepreneurs looking to develop their ventures in Singapore will need a place to set up their office. Real estate investors can definitely take advantage of this, but there are also other investment opportunities, such as luxury properties on Orchard Road or resort homes in Sentosa Cove.


Excerpted from an article originally published in issue 3 of Property Inc. magazine. 


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