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It’s time to be proactive



If we are to believe many people in the industry, the Australian property market is shot. Or it’s about to burst. At the very least it’s in grave trouble.

You can fiddle with the words as much as you like, but reality appears to be a long way from what the doomsayers have been preaching for some time.

Has the market flattened out? Yes – but it will pick up again; it always does. And there is also no question that it has been incredibly resilient in the most testing of times.

So perhaps we should stop looking for reasons to be negative and start focusing on the positives – and if you are looking at property from an investment point of view, there are many positives out there.

At a local level, the resources sector still offers many excellent investment opportunities and, as you will read in this issue, they don’t necessarily have to be ‘high risk’ areas. Investing in regions with diversified resource interests – such as Gladstone in Queensland or the Hunter Region in NSW – still offer high returns, yet with the stability of multiple industries.

There are, of course, global opportunities. The US is showing signs of recovery, yet house prices are still very low – it’s a perfect scenario for those who wish to invest in a property, rent it out and then look to sell in the not-too-distant future.

You could also expand your horizons and consider a foreign investment in a growth nation, such as Brazil. Economic growth and wealth creation has created a housing boom, yet prices – for the moment – remain very affordable in the emerging nation. If you then consider that the forthcoming FIFA World Cup and Summer Olympic Games are bringing much needed improvements to infrastructure – there is a lot to like when looking at Rio.

If you prefer to look for property in metropolitan or regional areas, there are still many solid investments to be found. As always, due diligence and a solid strategy will put you in the best position – and there is excellent advice to be found in these pages on this topic.

Property may also be the answer to your retirement concerns. By managing your own superannuation – and carefully directing those funds into property – you can secure your future with a high return investment.

The examples go on and on, but the basis is exactly the same. Property has stood up very well through tough economic times, so if the doomsayers will not change their tune, perhaps it is best to just ignore them and spend your time growing your property knowledge.

Be proactive, ask questions, get the right advice, read wise words like those offered in this magazine – and property is sure to be a very strong player in your investment portfolio.


Jonathan Green



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