Property Inc. is the latest publication by 21st Century Media. Unlike any other property magazine on the market, Property Inc. differentiates itself by offering an unrivalled range of articles written by top property professionals. Property Inc. connects you with new ideas and opportunities within the property sector. These include:

  • US property investment
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Customised investments
  • Assets
  • Real estate
  • Capital markets
  • Property options

Property Inc. magazine covers the relevant issues surrounding contemporary property investment, as well as offering inspirational case studies of investors with greatly diverse backgrounds. Property Inc. is a totally unique property magazine experience. What really sets us apart is that the information and strategies written by our experts are designed to be read today and actioned tomorrow.


Property Inc. magazine is divided into several categories. These include:

  • The Foundation. The Foundation is the heart of the magazine. It is where expert opinion and advice is offered about a range of topics including finance, rental, investment structure and much more. The contributors within the Foundation are highly regarded property experts with a wealth of successful investments behind them.
  • Features. An in-depth analyses of everything you ever wanted to know about property but were too afraid to ask. Within this section we look at whether the bubble myth is real, investing in regional or urban centres and the psychology behind successful property investment.
  • Case studies. Investors come from all walks of life. From the single mother to the double income, no kids family. Property Inc. interviews those who have been successful and discovers that no matter what your circumstances, the right information can take you a long way.
  • US vs Australian property. More of a comparison than a competition. Both markets have a great deal to offer when it comes to investment. Property Inc. looks at where to invest and how to apply your investments to the lifestyle you seek.